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Serial killers, a herse and a missing angel...

So this is a bit of a late update, but I'll do it anyway. (Stuff under the cuts contain spoilerzzz!)

Premiere week = meh. I am so upset that I got my hopes up. None of the shows the premiered last week got any sort of wow reaction out of me. Aside from NCIS: Los Angeles. Which is sad because that was the one show that I didn't get my hopes up for. I guess that's why it was so good xD

Oh. And Chuck. Chuck was good too. But you already knew that.

Let's start with Criminal Minds which by all means, was good. I mean it wasn't WOAH SEASON PREMIERE good. But good. The unsub was a total creep. (As per usual. What else are you expecting?)

I spent most of the episode scolding Morgan for his yelling at Garcia and staring at MGG. Who was just. Man that hair cut. I love that haircut. Also, has anyone else noticed that he looks a bit more filled out? I noticed this during the finale as well. But my CM buddy at school denies the fact and proceeds to tell me that I am delusional and obssessed with Reid. And while the latter may be true. The fromer is most  deffinitely not. Right? Tell me I'm right!

And the team was bad ass.

Especially JJ. Just. Wow. I totally thought that they were going to make her fail at getting the girl back and that's why she would leave. But she was incredible. I don't think Hotch was expecting something so great when he told her to do what he told her to make that broadcast call. I really wasn't expecting her to do such an amazing job. But I am so glad she did. JJ would have made a great hostage negotiator.

God I love JJ. I can't believe she's leaving. Sigh. Why must you torture me so? I don't want you to leeeeeaaaavvveeeeeee!

Awesome picture of AJ Cook/JJ to honour her awesomeness.

Moving on. Before I get too choked up.

I gave in. I promised myself I wouldn't. But then I did. I watched Dexter.

See the thing is. I told myself that I wouldn't watch Dexter anymore after I found about Rita's death. But then. I don't know what happened. I was just seeing promos for the new season everywhere. And then I was like. Screw it. I'll watch it. So I did. And it was....O____O Trinity you bitch! There were only two characters I liked in that show (aside from the kids. But even then Esther pissed me off a lot) and they were Dexter and Rita. And then you go and kill Rita!!!!! Gah. I hate you Trinity.

And now they're doing the whole Doakes thing with Quinn. And we all know how well that went last time.Pfft.

I haven't watched premiere yet. I'll do that sometime tonight.

Meanwhile, Michael C Hall. Who has sotlen my heart.

Because of that man, I started to watch Six Feet Under. Which is hilarious. I've actually been trying to watch it for a while before I even knew Mr. Hall was in it but I couldn't find it anywhere. Then some saint on youtube posted all five seasons and I've been watching since Saturday.

I am currently on season 2 episode 2. And all I have to say is that I love David and Nate. They're so adorable!

Especially David. Who is such an idiot! xD I think a mojar part of it is that he's so different from Dexter. And I expect him to go all cold hearted on me and he never does. Instead he acts life a bumbling fool going around messing up his relationship with a really cool cop and dating weird square dance callers that get him drugged up. He's just a lonely, lost puppy! And I just want to hug him and help him find his way.

My favourite scene so far:

Keith: David, I can help. I'm a cop. It's what I do for a living.
David: You find feet?

Which only makes sense if you know what's going on. I love you David Fisher.

Oh and Supernatural premiered Friday. It was OK. Not amazing. But I wasn't expecting much. I'm not sure if I'm liking the whole Grandpa Campbell thing. The only thing I minded in the episode was the severe lack of Castiel. But other than that it was fine.

Yeah that's it.

Pic of Cas:

Aww. Poor you. You should show up more often. You're very good looking. I don't if you've noticed.

That is all. Nothing more to say. Oh. I watched Hawaii Five-O. It was good. I ♥ Alex O'laughlin. I am going to go watch Chuck in about an hour. Excited.

Love and a lost foot,


I am so glad you see the Reid thing too! And JJ's leaving tomorrow O_O I don't know if I want to watch. Or if I want to put it off for as long as possible. I'll probably end up watching.